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Our main goal is to search and select high quality executives that fulfill our client’s requirements and that are capable to adapt quickly to the organizational culture. To accomplish successfully this objective, we go through a thorough process consisting of the following stages:


We understand the company: its culture, its economic context, its aims and strategies and its competing enterprises. We then research on the position: its hierarchy and report level, functions, responsibilities, objectives and total annual income. Then, with our client, we gather information regarding personality traits, education, experience and necessary executive competencies.


Once the profile has been completed, we commence the identification of qualified candidates. To do this, we go through a systematic search and we perform intelligence explorations within related sectors and companies that might have the executive with the required characteristics.


We perform insightful interviews and assessments with all potential candidates to determine their qualifications, capabilities, achievements, motivations, interest in a change of position and their expectations towards new challenges. In such a way we can establish if the person is capable of adapting to the enterprise culture and is able to complete our client’s expectations. Finally, in very short time, we elaborate a confidential report with the profiles of the qualified executives


We advice to our Customers, in the final transfers with the selected executive, and subsequently, we periodically accompany the integration process to your company.


MONTEALEGRE ASOCIADOS, We offer one year no cost limited warranty to our customers.

JORGE A. MONTEALEGRE ASOCIADOS – Búsqueda de Ejecutivos, was founded in 1989, operates more like a consulting firm than a traditional search agency getting to know each client and candidate personally, taking the time to understand both parties’ needs and interests, developing the most intelligent sourcing strategy and putting in the hard work required to ensure the best fit between employee and employer.

For 27 years our company has placed executives in different top-level positions. The areas in which we have placed executives are: Management, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, Administration, Human Resources, Manufacturing, Technology, Training and Legal.


We understand that our main responsibility is to recruit the best candidates within the market for our customers. We will never refer or present a candidate who has not been specifically vetted for the job in order to locate or relocate them in an organization that meets their expectations. We build long-term by the believe that we also, during one year we track the employees’ performances and adaptability to provide a guarantee for our client. On the other hand, we commit ourselves with the candidates.



  • We manage absolute confidentiality due to the type of information that our clients provide us.
  • We will never identify the company to the candidate until the customer gives us authorization to do so.
  • We will not submit two candidates simultaneously to different companies.
  • To present a candidate to our customers he or she has to give to us previous approval.
  • All of the candidates that we present to our customers are interviewed and evaluated according to the profile and the parameters established by MONTEALEGRE ASOCIADOS.




Jorge is our founder and senior partner. He has more than forty years of experience in consulting in the field of executive recruiting and industry compensation. Prior to MONTEALEGRE ASOCIADOS, Jorge was the National Director Argentina and Operations Manager for Top Management International between the years 1976 and 1984. He was Senior partner Consultant and General Manager of BOYDEN COLOMBIA in 1984 to 1986. And since 1989 Jorge is now leading his own company MONTEALEGRE ASOCIADOS gaining a deep knowledge of the economy, vertical markets as well as executive recruiting and industry compensation. Jorge is a psychologist from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


She graduated in 2001 from Universidad Javeriana with a Business Administration degree. She also has a specialization in Strategic Marketing from CESA University. Since 2013 she has been working with Montealegre Asociados bringing forth her understanding of different organizations, structures and corporative cultures. She has gained this knowledge from her previous experiences in sales, trade marketing and marketing in multinational companies such as 3M, Nestle, Kellogg’s Colombia and Coca-Cola Company.


Founding partner, currently works in Montealegre Asociados as the Administrative Manager. She has a degree in bilingual executive secretariat from Centro Cultural Colombo Americano. She has a broad experience in administrative tasks and in public relationships which she gained, among others, while working at the U.S. embassy, Intercor and Carboquímica.

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